Wings of Fate

WINGS of FATE is a military romantic suspense novel with realistic military engagements and a strong romance. 

Name: Ken Saville
Rank: Major General, Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations, Headquarters, Strategic Air Command, U. S. Air Force
Mission: Lead a team to recover classified electronics from a downed Looking Glass aircraft.

Name: Brooke Raeburn
Owner: Valley View Airways
Mission: Aid military in recovery efforts and help the National Park Service fight forest fires. 

In the latter days of the Cold War, an invincible airborne command post aircraft on a routine Looking Glass mission out of Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, crashes in the North Cascades of Washington State near Stehekin, Washington, killing all on board. Installed on this aircraft is the latest top secret command, control, and communications system, which provides backup to the Command Center at Offutt. The incident catapults the military, FBI and OSI special agents, a spy at Offutt, and the KGB into action. 

Ken is ordered to go to Washington State to aid in the recovery of the classified equipment on board the downed aircraft. He assigns two officers at Offutt to his team. Unknowingly, he puts a mole for the KGB in a better position to obtain the top secret technology the Air Force is trying to secure. 

Ken arrives in Stehekin and crosses paths with his former lover when Brooke is called upon to aid the military in its recovery efforts. Sixteen years ago, fate tore these two individuals apart after his crash in the Laos jungle and being listed as KIA. Now fate intervenes for the second time in their well-ordered lives when Brooke is called upon to aid the military in their recovery efforts. Russian espionage, murder, and forest fires complicate the recovery efforts and place Ken and Brooke in danger. How these two team up to confront the past and overcome external and internal conflicts is the story of Wings of Fate. 


A sequel to Wings of Fate is in progress. Kendra Morgan has flown planes before she was old enough to get her license.  For her, flying was as easy as breathing.  The story shows an outstanding fighter pilot entering the ranks not held by many women, overcoming the prejudices she encounters, and how she balances career and romance. 

Military Romantic Suspense